What is the Kidney Donation Continuum?

Kidney Donation Continuum

How we created the Kidney Donation Continuum

We have been talking to people about living kidney donation and providing educational presentations since Kidney Donor Conversations was started in 2018.

The “Kidney Donation Continuum” was created after speaking with many people about their attitudes about living kidney donation. At the end of the presentations, we would have our audience indicate who they might be willing to donate their kidney to, based on a simple scale. Slight modifications have been made to the scale over time.

Where are you on the Kidney Donation Continuum?

Take a minute and determine where you would place yourself on the continuum today. Are you willing to donate your kidney while you are alive? Do you need to know the person? Or are you someone who might donate a kidney to anyone? Remember that your attitude toward donation could change with time. Maybe you don’t know anyone who needs a kidney today. But maybe you will tomorrow. Or maybe you want to help a total stranger. 

The continuum was designed to help you make a conscious decision about kidney donation.

Football and the Kidney Crisis

Here is an image of 90,000 football fans singing “Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty at The Swamp.

90,000 people at The Swamp

Why should you care about the number 90,000? 

There are also about 90,000 people on the kidney transplant waiting list.  Can you imagine all of these people in the stadium being on dialysis or getting ready to start dialysis? Can you imagine all these people getting the best treatment for kidney failure – finding a living kidney donor?

How can we discover one more living kidney donor to save one more life?

Then one more, then one more … times 90,000.

One conversation at a time.

We won’t back down trying to discover more living kidney donors. Will you join us and start the conversation?

Consider This!

Choose your place on the Kidney Donation Continuum. Then choose to help save a life and find out if you are healthy enough to donate your kidney while you are alive. Go to Kidney Donor Conversations at www.MyKDC.org.




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Would you like more information about Living Kidney Donation, email us at info@MyKDC.org


Glenna Frey, APRN-CNS, is a nephrology nurse who donated her kidney in April 2017 to a stranger.
Amanda Frey, M.A., LMFT, LPC, is a Marriage & Family Therapist living with kidney disease.
Together, they co-founded Kidney Donor Conversations in 2018 to provide education about Living Kidney Donation.


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